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Get discovered by advertisers searching for companies like yours through the Google Partners directory. As a part of our "Recognition & Rewards" benefits, companies in the Google Partners program with Google Premier Partner or Partner status are eligible to be listed in the directory. In addition to being included in the directory listings, Partners will each have a separate page with their company name, website URL, region, and the product areas in which their company has Google Ads certifications in. Please note the directory defaults to show Premier Partners. Use the filters provided to select for all partners, regions, and certifications, and to search by Premier Partner or Partner name. Be sure your company name, website, and address is up to date and accurate in the directory by updating your information. If you don’t want your company to be listed in the Google Partners directory you may opt out at any time.


1. How can my company be listed in the directory?
To be listed in the Google Partners directory, your company must have Premier Partner or Partner status in the Google Partners program and must be opted in on the Company details page to publicly display your details in the directory. Note that opting in is the default option when signing up for Google Partners. Learn more about how to become a Partner or Premier Partner.
2. Where can my company's directory information be updated?
You can update your company’s information on the Company details page in your Partners program tab.

3. What can I do if the information listed in the directory is not aligned with the details in my Google Ads manager account?

If you have registered more than one Google Ads manager account to the Google Partners program under that same company name, website URL, and address, we will only show one entry for your company in the directory per country with the highest Partner badge status and the highest number of product areas in which their company has Google Ads certifications.

4. My company meets the criteria above to be listed in the directory, but my company isn’t showing up in the directory. Why aren’t we listed?

The Google Partners program performs additional reviews on company information in the directory, such as malware, profanity, and trademark checks, to offer an optimal experience for users. Note that we check for correct website URL formatting and require a website URL to have a HTTP or HTTPS prefix. If a problem is detected, Google Partners reserves the right to remove the partner from being listed in the directory. Please check your company name, address, and website URL to ensure you have the correct information by going to your Company details page in your Partners program tab. Note that this may take up to 24 hours to update.

5. How are the company names sorted in the directory listing page?

The directory index is displayed in alphabetical order from A to Z for Roman alphabet characters. For partners with non-Roman alphabet characters, we will first translate the name into English Roman alphabet characters and then apply the A to Z sorting to determine the partner’s location in the directory listing. Partners with numbers and special characters in their company name (emojis and quotation marks) appear after the alphabetical sort. The company name shown in the directory will be shown as entered in the Company details page. Go to your Company details page in your Partners program tab to update your company name.

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