Optimization tips for Performance Max campaign for all business types

Our guided troubleshooter can help you identify, explain, and address potential causes of unexpected fluctuations in your Performance Max campaign spending.

Performance Max uses Google AI to help you drive growth in conversions and value through bidding, targeting, creatives, and attribution. It's designed to perform across a wide range of marketing objectives and media channels. Because of this, we recommend using the following best practices to set up your Performance Max campaigns for optimal results.

This article explains best practices for all business types.

For additional best practices, review:

Best practices for all business types

  • Campaign duration: Run campaigns for at least 6 weeks to allow the machine learning algorithm to ramp up and have sufficient data to compare performance.
  • Audience signal: Performance Max is powered by machine learning. Use relevant audience lists as signals to speed up machine learning ramp-up and enhance your campaign’s results. Use remarketing lists, custom intent, Customer Match, and similar segments as signals.
  • Assets: Use as many assets as possible. Add at least 20 text assets (15 headlines, 5 descriptions), at least 7 image assets (3 landscape images, 3 square images, and 1 portrait image), and at least 1 video asset (either your own or one created using the video creation tool during campaign setup) to your asset group. Learn more about how to Build an asset group.

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