Enhanced conversions for web impact results

Enhanced conversions is a feature that can improve the accuracy of your conversion measurement. It supplements your existing conversion tags by sending hashed first-party conversion data from your website in a privacy-safe way.

We’ve made a series of updates to help you better understand the impact of enhanced conversion to your reporting. You can now view the impact of your enhanced conversions with new impact results in your Conversion summary page in Google Ads.

This article will explain some benefits of using enhanced conversions. If you haven’t already, you can set up enhanced conversions for the web manually with Google Tag Manager or set up enhanced conversions for the web manually with the Google tag.

What you’ll view after you set up enhanced conversions

A new status in the conversions “Status” column

A few days after you set up enhanced conversions you’ll find “Recording (processing enhanced conversions)” in your “Status” column. This means we are currently processing your enhanced conversion data and will notify you once it’s integrated into your conversion action.

Enhanced conversions currently need up to 30 days to train before you’ll start to view impact to your reporting. In the meantime, your conversion tracking will still function as it normally would, and once the training is complete, you’ll also have enhanced conversion data included in your reports.

Enhanced conversions impact card

After your enhanced conversions learning period, they will be included in your reporting and the conversion “Status” column for that conversion action will say “Recording (enhanced conversions)” That means we have started using enhanced conversion data in the reporting for your conversion action. If you hover the status, you'll find the date enhanced conversions started being included in your reporting and the impact on reported conversions for this conversion action. We’ll tell you the campaign type and the percentage of reported conversions.

You’ll only view this card for 30 days after you are eligible to view the impact on your reported conversions. After that, the status will return to “Recording conversions” and if you hover over the status, you'll find a card which explains that enhanced conversions are being recorded, but will no longer show the impact.

Note: Once your enhanced conversion data is ready to integrate into your conversion action, we’ll notify you with an alert Notifications.

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