Things to do ads campaign setup

Things to do ads reach travelers when they’re showing interest in a particular city or destination. With Things to do ads, travelers can:

This is the first benefit for the Things to Do feature in Hotel Ads: Find nearby activities, tours, and attractions This is the second benefit for the Things to Do feature in Hotel Ads: Be inspired by compelling photos and imagery This is the third benefit for the Things to Do feature in Hotel Ads: Visit your website to book tickets

Connect us with your business information and product feeds, and we’ll start matching your inventory with relevant travelers and potential customers on Google.

How can you tell if your business might be a good fit for Things to do? Learn more about Things to do policies

Where your ads appear

A Things to do campaign allows you to bid for ad placements that appear when a traveler searches for tours, activities, and local attractions on Google Search. The ads can appear above the search results or elsewhere on the page. They show various details including photos, prices, your company’s name, and a booking link for the activity.

Campaigns and budgeting

Things to do campaigns simplify the advertising process by removing the need to create ads and target keywords within your campaign. Instead, we automatically use data from your inventory feed based on the ad group label.

With Things to do campaigns, you can set the budget you want and reach travelers based on their country of residence and the device they're using.


All bidding strategies available for search campaigns are also available for Things to do campaigns, except for Target Impression Share. We recommend using bid strategies based on conversions.

Ad Ranking

Ad ranking is determined by an auction in which Google considers partner bids and the quality of the ad. Factors that impact an ad's quality include but may not be limited to how well the ad addresses the user’s need and comprehensiveness and helpfulness of content.

To learn more about Things to do search or ads products, fill out our partner interest form.

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