Changes to automatic payments in India due to RBI regulations

In light of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulations, all automatic payments using credit and debit cards need to follow the new guidelines by the 30th of September, 2021. While the deadline for ensuring full compliance with the RBI regulations was extended until 30 September 2021, this extension doesn't apply to new Google Ads accounts. For that reason, the following applies:

  • The automatic payments option will be temporarily unavailable for new Google Ads accounts until further notice.
  • Advertisers currently using monthly invoicing or manual payments won't be able to switch to automatic payment option until further notice.

Threshold limits for existing customers using automatic payments

Automatic payments in India will be limited to ₹5,000, and Google is required to set up an e-mandate for your card. We're working on updating your recurring payment per the new guidelines. The total amount that you're charged won't change, and you'll be charged only for your usage.

By 30 September 2021, your payment threshold will be lowered to ₹5,000. This may mean that you pay more often because you'll reach your threshold more frequently. You may see a charge to bring your balance below the threshold.

Set up your RBI e-mandate

To avoid any service interruptions, sign in to your Google Ads account using the instructions below to enable automatic payments. Make sure to disable your pop-up blocker before proceeding.

This action must be taken before the regulation comes into effect on the 1st of October, 2021, or your automatic payments will fail and your service may be interrupted.

  1. Sign into your Google Ads account.
  2. Click Fix Now in the red alert (if any) at the top of the page to verify your card on file and prevent service disruption.

At any time, if your account has stopped running due to a decline of your automatic payment, and you don’t see the red alert asking you to verify your card but instead see a 'Payments may fail after 30 Sep' alert, which means your primary credit card isn’t compliant with RBI regulations. In that case, there are two alternatives for you to avoid further service interruption:

  • Add a new primary payment method that’s compliant with the RBI. We’ll check if your credit card is compliant during the 'Add a new payment method' process.
  • Continue making manual payments for your outstanding balance until you can set up an e-mandate on your card by following these steps:
    1. Sign into your Google Ads account.
    2. Click the tools icon Google Ads | tools [Icon] and then under 'Billing', choose Summary.
    3. Click Make a payment.
    4. Complete the flow and pay what you owe (or more if you’d like) manually.
    5. Click Payment Methods.
    6. Look for your primary card and check if there's a 'Fix' option link below it. If so, click Fix.
    7. Check to make sure that all the card details are correct and click Update.

You can also make manual payments in advance to keep your accounts in a credit position. This can help ensure you have enough funds available to cover future advertising, rather than waiting for an automatic payment to be triggered and possibly declined, which would cause your ads to stop serving.

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