Helping app developers to prepare for Apple’s iOS 14 ATT policy updates

27 January, 2021

Apple’s upcoming App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy will require developers to ask for permission when they use certain information from other companies’ apps and websites for advertising purposes, even if they already have user consent. Today, we’re sharing how Google is helping our community prepare, as we know that developers and advertisers in the iOS ecosystem are still figuring out how to adapt.

Evaluate whether Apple’s ATT prompt is right for your app

Review Apple’s documentation and applicable laws and regulations to determine whether implementing the ATT framework is right for your app.

Expect fluctuations in iOS App campaign traffic

Once Apple’s ATT policy comes into effect, your iOS App campaigns are likely to see fluctuations in campaign volume. For App campaigns for engagement, you will see a significant decrease in reach. We encourage you to closely monitor the performance and delivery of all your iOS App campaigns and, if necessary, adjust budgets and bids to achieve your goals.

Implement Apple’s SKAdnetwork API

SKAdnetwork is Apple’s new framework to verify installs from various ad networks where you promote your app. You can easily implement SKAdnetwork solution by upgrading to the latest version of Google Analytics for Firebase. This will automatically register your apps for SKAdnetwork attribution and help you measure “first open” conversions for consented users. Alternatively, you can use another SDK that supports SKAdnetwork or implement Apple’s SKAdnetwork API yourself. 

See here for guidance on Apple’s App Privacy Details while using Google Analytics for Firebase on iOS 14.

Consolidate iOS App campaigns and use only tCPI or tCPA bidding

Consolidate to 8 or fewer app install campaigns for each of your iOS apps to maintain optimal performance due to SKAdnetwork’s campaign limitation. If you’re participating in our beta for tROAS campaigns on iOS, you should pause these campaigns and revert to tCPA campaigns by enforcement.

Get reporting insights for your iOS App campaigns

You’ll also see a change in the way we report on conversions. In reporting, we will be expanding modelled conversions from just on Search to other channels as well. This means your conversion column, as well as your install, in-app action and conversion value columns, may contain modelled conversions. If you want to view reporting data for SKAdnetwork, specifically, you can go to Reporting > Other > SKAN conversions once Apple’s ATT policies come into effect. This SKAdnetwork reporting data will be in the Google Ads API over the coming months.

Protect iOS monetisation with new AdMob features

If you are also an ads publisher, you can visit our AdMob Help Centre for suggestions on how to help improve iOS monetisation rates.

Please tune in to our Learn with Google education series for ongoing guidance about the latest iOS campaign management, bidding and measurement innovations that can help you improve performance and achieve your growth goals. 

Posted by Belinda Langner, Group Product Manager, App Ads

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