About applying recommendations automatically

You can now opt-in to apply a certain subset of recommendations automatically to your account, which can improve your account performance and save time. Auto-applying recommendations will not increase your budget, so continue to review the Recommendations page to ensure your budget isn’t limiting your performance. This feature can be turned on or off at any time by updating your auto-apply settings.

Note: Ad suggestions are a separate feature. Learn more About ad suggestions

How it works

You can automatically apply recommendations from the top bar of the recommendations section. From there, you’ll be able to select which recommendations you’d like to apply automatically.

Types of recommendations that can be applied automatically

Currently, you can only automatically apply a select number of recommendations. To see a full list of all possible recommendations, see Types of recommendations.


  • You can only apply recommendations automatically on the account level.
  • Recommendations are only applied when they’re relevant. Hence some recommendations may be automatically applied frequently while others may never be automatically applied.

Ads and extensions

"Ads and extensions" recommendations help you refine your ads, create new ads, show your best ads most often, and organize your ads into better ad groups. Extensions recommendation types, in particular, help maximize the performance of your ads and can improve your ads’ click through rates.

  • Add responsive search ads
  • Use optimized ad rotation

Bidding and budgets

"Bidding and budgets" recommendations can help you find the right bid strategy to meet your business goals, and help ensure your campaigns are not limited by budget.

  • Adjust your CPA targets
  • Adjust your ROAS targets
  • Bid more efficiently with Enhanced CPC
  • Bid more efficiently with Maximize click
  • Bid more efficiently with Maximize conversions
  • Bid more efficiently with Target CPA
  • Bid more efficiently with Target impression share
  • Bid more efficiently with Target ROAS
  • Set a target CPA
  • Set a bidding strategy target

Keywords and targeting

"Keywords and targeting" recommendations can help you reach more people who are interested in what you offer.

  • Add audiences
  • Expand your reach with Google search partners
  • Remove duplicate keywords
  • Remove non-serving keywords
  • Add dynamic search ads
  • Add keywords
  • Remove conflicting negative keywords
  • Use targeting expansion
It is recommended to add account-level negative keywords to exclude search terms from your campaigns. This helps you focus only on the keywords that matter to your customers. If you use Dynamic Keyword Insertion, the search terms could appear in your ad text, if they are not included as negative keywords. Learn more About negative keywords

Timing & recommendation queue

When you opt-in to automatically apply recommendations, we’ll see which recommendations are eligible for you on a daily basis. You can see which recommendations you are opted-in to from the “Manage” or “History” tab. Learn more about how to Manage recommendations that you opt-in to apply automatically

You can also easily see recommendations that are automatically applied from the recommendations table view.

Auto-Apply Queue | Table view [UI screen]

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