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November 19, 2020


Consumer behavior continues to change as people adjust to their new normal. We’ve seen a surge in searches for patio heaters, pajamas, and sleds in the past month–and queries like “online gift” have grown by 80% year over year.1 To help you stay on top of these emerging trends and more, we're rolling out the Insights page as a beta over the next few months globally. 

Discover insights tailored to your business

The Insights page makes it easy for you to explore insights and emerging trends based on your business. Let's say you're a pet store looking to reach more customers. With the Insights page, you can see rising demand for “dog subscription boxes” and “dog toys”. You can then act on these trends by creating campaigns to reach new pet owners, or even explore selling dog care packages. 

Left side says "dog subscription boxes are trending compared to last month. Monthly search growth 197%." Right side has a chart of search interest over the last 56 days.
New Insights page gives you insights tailored to your business

Explore search trends further

You can also deep dive into each trend to understand the searches that are on the rise, and the locations where demand is growing fastest. For example, a grocery store might see a trend for "Vitamins & Supplements" with growing searches for “vitamin C” in Florida and California.

Trending search terms related to "Pots & planters" over the last 7 days.

You can also uncover new opportunities relevant to your business with suggested trends, which are growing categories you’re not currently covering. For example, a grocery store may uncover a related trend like “whipped coffee” which may give them future promotion or product development ideas. 

Trends related to Groceries.

Take action with recommendations

The Insights page also includes recommendations to help you take action on the trends you see in your account. You can review and apply keyword, budget, and bidding recommendations in just a few clicks.

Trends for Vitamins in the United States

As we expand the beta in 2021, we’ll be adding other types of insights to help you identify more opportunities and grow your business. You can learn more about the Insights page in the Google Ads Help Center.

Posted by Richard Burton, Product Manager, Google Ads



1.  Google Data, Global English, Jun 3, 2020 - Aug 1, 2020 vs Jun 3, 2019 - Aug 1, 2019

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