About saving media plans in Reach Planner

You can save, copy, and reload previously saved media plans in Reach Planner for future editing and review. You can select any plan from your list of saved media plans in Reach Planner. This will show the saved version of the forecast at the date and time it was saved. Reach Planner uses the most up to date information so that your forecast is based on the best information available at the date and time the forecast was created.

  • Forecasts with future dates will show an option to refresh the media plan. Once you refresh a plan, the forecast is updated. However, you need to save the plan to retain the new forecast. If the plan isn’t saved, the forecast will revert to its previous version.
  • For forecasts with dates in the past, the saved plan serves as a record of what was originally forecasted and it can’t be edited. You can copy settings from any saved plan into a new plan using the “Make a copy” option in the “More options” menu .

For Google Ads manager accounts:

  • Saved plans are only available at the account level and can’t be saved across accounts in a Google Ads manager account, so make sure you know the accounts in which saved plans were created.
  • If you create a media plan, only you will be able to see the media plan. Other people in the Google Ads manager account won’t be able to access the media plan.
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