Scale your contextual advertising more effectively with YouTube dynamic lineups

September 16, 2020

YouTube’s ability to drive mass reach means we can also deliver scale in specific contexts that matter for your brand or marketing moment. To make it easier to discover the content that’s a great fit for your brand, we announced YouTube dynamic lineups—powered by advanced contextual targeting.

Advanced contextual is the next generation of contextual targeting on YouTube. It uses Google's machine learning to better understand each channel on YouTube, including analysis of video imagery, sound, speech and text. 

This allows us to create lineups1 that are scalable across content based on specific topics, cultural moments or popularity. For example, in most markets you can find broad lineups like beauty, and more nuanced choices like “Face, Hair, Nails” and “Luxury Beauty.” This means better access to the unique interests and needs of your audiences—with the scale you need to drive results.

Screenshot of Google Ads UI showing placements

Complement your audience strategy with dynamic lineups to maximize reach.

Early adopters like OMD are seeing strong results using YouTube dynamic lineups to complement their existing audience strategies by setting up separate parallel campaigns for contextual strategy. Chrissie Hanson, Global Chief Strategy Officer at OMD says “Using lineups powered by advanced contextual targeting delivers a more relevant and empathetic understanding of audiences. This in turn serves to drive more relevant reach and efficiencies for our customers, as part of a broader program that leverages audiences and other tactics across YouTube." 

YouTube dynamic lineups are launching on a rolling basis starting today and will be fully available by the end of September in ten markets. They are available across both Google Ads and Display & Video 360, with more countries coming soon. 

For more on YouTube dynamic lineups, check out this video deep-dive on how to use YouTube’s contextual solutions most effectively and our full suite of best practices on how to build brand awareness on the Advertising Solutions Center.

Posted by Masoud Loghmani, Product Manager, Google Ads



1.  Lineups are packages of channels based on a topic, cultural moment or popularity.

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