Find your reservations, flight info, and more in Maps

If you use Gmail to plan an event, you can see the event details, like flight details or restaurant reservation, along with directions to the event in Google Maps. Only you can see the information that comes from your Gmail account, and only when you're signed in to Google.

See event details and directions in Google Maps

Search for a place:

When you search Google Maps for a location or restaurant that is associated with an event in your Gmail, details about the event will show up on the info sheet of that place.

  1. Open the Google Map app Google Maps app logo image.
  2. Search for a place. For example, "newark airport."
  3. Once you've found the airport on the map, swipe the info sheet up from the bottom of the screen. You'll see your flight information on the info sheet. (You’ll see some information right on the map as well.)

directions sheet image

Get directions:

When it's time to go to a place, and if the place is associated with an event in Gmail, you'll see the place suggested when you touch the directions icon directions button image on Google Maps.

Let’s say that you’re going on a trip from Newark airport, and it’s about time to go.

  1. Open the Google Map app Google Maps app logo image.
  2. Touch directions icon directions button image in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. You'll see a card showing journey time to the airport underneath the search bar. Just touch the card to start directions.

At the bottom of the card you'll see a message explaining where the information came from (including a link to your original email). The information from Gmail will appear only if you are signed in to your Google Account, with Web & App Activity turned on.

Learn more if you don’t have a Google Account or Gmail.

How to turn it off

If you don't want to see information from Gmail in Google Maps, turn off your Web & App Activity.

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