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XE11 release notes

Home and Work Directions

Directions to work voice action through Glass display

It's even easier to find your way home. Tell Google Maps where you live and work and you can refer to their locations by "home" or "work" on Glass. It's part of Google's personalized search so when you ask Glass for directions home, it'll know what you mean. To get started, insert your home and work address in Google Maps or Google Now (iOS instructions) and then try it out on Glass. From the home screen, say "ok glass, get directions to home."

Personalized Calendar Search

Google Calendar users get the chance to check their schedules straight from Glass. Search Glass for calendar details, and you'll get personalized results. Give it a try. Say "ok glass, google my agenda" for your upcoming appointments. Need to know your holiday plans? Try "ok glass, google what am I doing next week?"

Personalized calendar agenda through a Glass Google search

Calendar search works for Google Calendar users with Gmail and private search enabled.

New Glass setup

New welcome screen in Glass out-of-box experience

We've spent some time making sure Glass is easier to set up the first time you put it on. A new tutorial shows you swiping for the first time and then takes you through the steps of connecting Glass to your phone. If you've already set up, you don't need to do it again. If you're still curious, you can see the new out-of-box experience by factory resetting your device.

A shortcut to screencast

The Glass notification and screencast shortcut from an Android notification drawer.

Screencast directly from the notification drawer of your Android device whenever Glass is connected to the MyGlass app. Click Start screencast underneath the MyGlass notification in the notification drawer and you'll be able to see what is on your Glass display from your phone's screen.

So long, long press

It turns out that a lot of people long pressing the touchpad to activate a Google search were doing so by mistake. That's not exactly as useful as we imagined it when we started the experiment, so we've turned it off. For the easiest way to do a Google search on Glass, try tapping the touchpad three times slowly while the display is off or say "ok glass, google..." from the Home screen.

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