Do a Google search in the moment. Get quick answers to questions ("What time is it in Singapore?"), useful facts ("Who wrote Peter Pan?"), translations ("How do you say 'hello' in Japanese?"), or quickly pull up images ("Pictures of dragon fruit").

There are three ways to search on Glass:

  • Say "ok glass, google..." from the Home screen.
  • Tap the touchpad to activate Glass, then tap again to see available actions. Tap Google.
  • With the display off, tap the touchpad three times slowly.

You can see Glass in action by trying out a search. When performing a voice search: "ok glass, google 'what time is it in Sydney Australia?'" You should see and hear the answer:

Glass "time in Sydney, Australia" search

Here are a few more search examples to get you started:

Figuring out the tip for a birthday dinner: "What is 15 percent of 33 dollars?"
Glass "what is 15% of 33 dollars" search
Translating helpful phrases in other languages: "'How do you say 'how much is that?' in Chinese?"
Glass "how much is that" in Chinese?
Finding out the definition of a word you might not know: "Define 'serendipity.'"
Glass define word search
Getting quick information: "When is the next winter solstice?"
Glass "when is the next winter solstice" search
Finding restaurants in a particular location or city: "Restaurants in San Francisco"
Glass "restaurants in San Francisco" search
Pulling up images of a subject you might not be familiar with: "Pictures of Scottish Fold kittens."
Glass "picture of scottish fold kittens" search
Finding out useful facts on the go: "Who directed 'Iron Man?'"
Glass "who is the director of Iron Man" search
Getting some helpful information on questions: "Why is the sky blue?"
Glass "why is the sky blue?" search

Follow up on your previous searches to discover even more about your subject.

Find out more: "When was it built?"
Check your calendar for an appointment
Personalized calendar agenda through a Glass Google search

To learn more about a search result, tap the touchpad and select View website. It will open up a web browser filled with (hopefully) useful information.

While roaming with Glass, keep in mind that Google searches depend on a working Internet connection.