Why is the Fitbit app prompting me to turn on location services?

If you set up or sync your Fitbit device with an Android phone, you may be prompted to turn on location services.

Each device is different, but you can often find the setting at Settings  Location.

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Why does the Fitbit app need my location?

The location permission helps your Fitbit device sync with the Fitbit app on your phone and supports features like the Weather app, notifications, and GPS, depending on your device. Note: On Android 12.0+, you must have precise location turned on for connected (phone) GPS.

If you don't want to share your location, you can turn off the location permission for the Fitbit app on your phone.

Why did syncing stop working after I turned on location services?
If the Fitbit app prompted you to turn on location services and you denied the request, you have an extra step to complete after turning on location services. To tell the Fitbit app that it has permission to access locations, go to Settings  Apps  Fitbit  Permissions (the steps might vary depending on your phone).
Can I still use power savings features?
If you use power savings features, location services may be turned off automatically when your battery power is running low. You should be able to set up and sync normally after you charge your phone.


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