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Limit the number of releases to keep

Each time you create a new release, the content from the previous release is kept in your project's Hosting storage. This enables you to roll back to a previous version of your site, if needed.

Limiting the number of releases to keep is helpful in controlling the usage level of Hosting storage for your project. You can monitor your Hosting storage from the Storage tab of your project's Hosting page in the console.

Note: Hosting storage quota is project-level, not site-level. Learn more about these quotas on the Firebase pricing page.

When you set a limit for the number of releases to keep for a site, the content of any releases over your set limit is scheduled for deletion, starting with the oldest releases first.

Here's how to set the release storage limit for your site:

  1. From your project's Hosting page, locate the Release History table for your site:

    • If you have only one Hosting site, the Release History table is on your Dashboard page.
    • If you have more than one Hosting site, click View for the desired site, then locate the Release History table on the site's Dashboard page.
  2. Click the three-dot overflow menu, then select Release storage settings.
  3. Enter the number of releases that you'd like to keep, then click Save.
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