GFiber's billing cycle

Here's how Google Fiber billing works after your first statement is issued.
You can view and pay your outstanding balance at any time within your account.

You’ll get your bill via email every month, with your autopay charged 10 days after you are emailed your bill. Most customers' GFiber billing cycle begins on the first and ends on the last day of each month you're using service. For example, your bill at the start of July will cover service for the entire month of July. Refer to Your first bill explained for more information regarding prorated fees that may occur on your first bill.

As a reminder, we’ll email you a PDF version of your bill as an attachment at the beginning of every month. You can also access your GFiber account a few days after the beginning of each month to view your statements online. We don’t send paper bills by mail, but you can download each bill displayed separately as a PDF file within your account.

While we're not able to move your bill's due date or remove automatic billing from your account, you can make a manual payment at any time.

Billing timeline

The timeline below shows the billing cycle for the month of July. Click on the image to see an expanded view.

Fiber billing timeline

What's included in your billing statement

Your bill will contain the GFiber service charge for the current month and any applicable taxes and fees, as well as add-on services, like phone or the purchase of extra Mesh Extenders, if requested during the previous month. Any prorated charges or credit caused by changing your service plan will appear on the following month’s bill.

Emailed statement

This email will include important billing information, like the balance due and your scheduled auto-payment date.

monthly billing statement email

Account statement

The statement attached to your email will show in detail the past balance, previous payments and your current balance. 

account billing statement

Automatic payment withdrawals

Automatic payments ensure your service is continuous and uninterrupted. We automatically charge your primary payment for service on the 13th of each month. No action is required on your part. Although we're unable to change the date you're billed, you won't need to remember to pay your monthly bill to get service.

Now that you’ve gained a better understanding of how GFiber billing works, click on the link below to see more options to manage your billing information using your GFiber account.  


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