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Mark a show as watched or unwatched

Change the watched status of a show on Google Fiber TV
Starting January 14, 2022, no new content will be added to Fiber TV’s video-on-demand offerings in the Kansas City market.

Any shows, movies, or other content currently available in the Fiber TV on-demand library will continue to be available. This limitation only impacts new content being added.

More information about this change can be found here.

When you watch a show—including a broadcast program, a recording, or a show in the video-on-demand library—Fiber TV automatically marks it as "watched." However, you can change the watched status of a show by marking it as watched or unwatched. 

Why does the watched status of a show matter?

The watched status of a show can help you keep track of the shows you've already watched. If a show is marked as watched, you'll see the   icon for the show on:

Mark a show watched or unwatched on Google Fiber TV.

A show's watched status also affects the following on your Fiber TV:

  • DVR storage: Your Fiber TV DVR automatically deletes watched shows before unwatched shows when it needs space for new recordings.
  • DVR playback: If you watch episodes in a recorded series in order, Fiber TV plays the earliest unwatched show first.
  • Video on demand: Fiber TV removes on-demand shows from the Recently Watched list when they become marked as watched.
  • Recommendations: Fiber TV removes any shows on the Recommended page if they become marked as watched.

To mark a show as watched or unwatched:

You can mark any show as watched or unwatched from its More Info page:

  • For a single show (such as a movie), you can change its watched status on the Overview tab. 
  • For an episode in a series or a show in multiple-show recording, you can change its watched status from the show's details on the Episodes, Recordings, or Upcoming Airings tab.

For a show you're watching now, you can also change its watched status on the Info bar.

Frequently asked questions about changing a show's watched status

How long does a show need to play before Fiber TV automatically marks it as watched?

Fiber TV marks a show as watched after it has played to within 5 minutes of its end.

If I manually mark shows as watched, does that affect the types of shows that Fiber TV suggests for me on the Recommended page?

No. When determining which shows to recommend for you, Fiber TV considers only shows you've actually watched.



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