Turn closed captions on or off

If you turn on closed captions, they appear for any show that provides them. For better readability, you can change the format of closed captions, such as their size, color, and background. 

Google Fiber TV provides access to these caption channels: CC1 (used by most programming in the US), CC2, CC3, CC4, DTVCC1, DTVCC2, DTVCC3, DTVCC4.

To turn closed captions on or off:

  1. While watching TV, press on the remote control to display the Info bar.

    The Info bar appears, showing the current closed caption (CC) setting:

  2. Select the CC button and press ok to turn closed captions on or off. 

  3. Optionally, to change the closed caption channel or other options, press  on the remote.

  4. Select Closed Captions and press ok.

  5. Select an option and press ok.

    To change the format of closed captions, select Options and press ok. You'll be taken to the Closed Caption Options on the Settings menu.

    The Info bar disappears in a few seconds. Or, you can press on the remote to clear the bar.

Frequently asked questions about closed captions

What are closed captions?

Closed captions are the text version of a show’s audio and appear as subtitles on your television's screen. They describe dialog and others sounds, such as sound effects and music cues, and identify the speakers. Captions were originally created to aid the hearing impaired, but they’re also useful for viewing television in noisy environments or when the sound is muted. They can also serve as a tool for learning English as a second language.

Are closed captions available for every show?

Captions are provided by content providers, and they might not be available for all content. Google Fiber TV simply passes them through unchanged.

What do I do if I have a problem with closed captions?

If you have problems with closed captions, contact Google Fiber.

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