Customize the remote control

You can customize the function of the following buttons on your Bluetooth remote control:

Skip Forward
Skip Back
Previous Channel

Learn about all Bluetooth remote control functions

You can also turn the smart search feature on the remote on or off.

To customize remote control settings:

  1. Press  on the remote control, select Settings, and press ok.

  2. Select Remote and press ok to display the Remote Settings page.

    Customize remote control settings Google Fiber TV

  3. Change any of the following options:

    Skip Forward Time Set the length of time you fast forward a recording each time you press the skip forward button.
    Skip Back Time Set the length of time you rewind a recording each time you press the skip back button.
    Previous Channel 

    Set the prev button on the remote control to either:

    • Go back to the previous channel you watched

    • Display a list of recent channels you watched so you can select the channel you want to watch

    Note: The previous channel function displays only channels you've watched for at least 10 seconds.

    Smart search

    Turn on smart search, which lets you use the remote keypad to search for content when watching video or when viewing the on-screen guide. Search results appear along with channel numbers.

    Turn this option off if you want to use the remote keypad only to change the channel.

The Remote Settings page also shows your remote's battery level.
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