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Customize closed caption format

To improve readability of closed captions, you can customize their formatting, such as font size, font color, background color, and more. You'll see your formatting changes when you turn on closed captions.

To change the format of closed captions:

  1. Press  on the remote control, select Settings, and press the ok Google Fiber TV remote ok button button.

  2. Select Closed Captions and press the ok Google Fiber TV remote ok button button to display the Closed Captions Settings page.

  3. If closed caption options are turned off, select Customize Options to turn on custom options and display the settings. 

    Change the format of closed captions in Google Fiber TV.
  4. If the Closed Caption Adjustments option is off, select it and press the ok Google Fiber TV remote ok button button to turn it on and display the formatting options.  

  5. Select any of the formatting options and press the ok Google Fiber TV remote ok button button to see the settings.

    Font Style The font face of the caption (such as monospace sans, proportional serif)
    Font Size The relative font size of the caption (such as small, standard, large)
    Font Color The color of the font in the caption
    Font Opacity How "see through" the captions are
    Edge Style The line style around the caption (such as raised, depressed, drop-shadow)
    Edge Color The color surrounding the caption
    Background Color The color of the caption's background
    Background Opacity How "see through" the background of the captions is


  6. Check the preview: When you select a formatting option, you'll see a preview of how closed captions appear with the current settings in the upper-right corner of the screen—for example:

    Check the preview of the closed captioning in Google Fiber TV

Want to undo your changes? To reset captions to the default format in which they're broadcast, select Reset Closed Caption Options and press the ok Google Fiber TV remote ok button button .
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