About Google Fiber TV apps

This article applies to customers who have the new version of Fiber TV. If you have the older version of our user interface, please view this article on how to use Google Fiber TV apps.

Your Google Fiber TV includes the following TV apps that provide quick and easy access to additional content, without the need to switch to another device or TV input:

  • Netflix: Get unlimited streaming of thousands of movies, TV shows, and documentaries in HD for a monthly fee. Some of the content is exclusive to Netflix. To use the Netflix app, you'll need to activate Netflix on your Fiber TV Box.

  • VUDU: Rent streaming movies in SD or HD, and purchase movies you can stream any time. To use the VUDU app, you'll need to activate VUDU on your Fiber TV Box.

  • YouTube: Watch shared video content, such as video clips, TV clips, instructional videos, music videos, and more. You can access YouTube with or without a free account.

  • Weather: Get hourly and daily weather reports right on your TV. You don't need to activate this app.

Find content more quickly and easily: Fiber TV can search for content in the VUDU and Netflix apps and display results along with results from your Fiber TV service.

To access apps on your Fiber TV:

Press  on the remote control, select Apps, and press ok.

Access streaming apps on Google Fiber TV.

Using your remote with TV apps

Many of the functions on your remote control work with TV apps. However, because navigation and content organization in TV apps are different from Fiber TV, the following functions don't work:

Search icon                

Learn more about remote control functions

To exit a Fiber TV app:

To return to live TV, press   on the remote.


Frequently asked questions about Fiber TV apps

How are Fiber TV apps different from apps on a smart TV or streaming device?

Unlike the many apps you'll find on a smart TV or streaming device, Fiber TV apps are integrated with your Fiber TV experience. With Fiber TV integrated apps, you can:

  • Activate and deactivate the VUDU and Netflix apps using your Fiber TV settings.

  • Access the apps directly from Fiber TV—there's no need to switch to another device or TV input.

  • Use Fiber TV Search to find content on VUDU and Netflix, without the need to open each app to search for content.

  • Play VUDU and Netflix content directly from the Fiber TV on-screen guide.

  • Apply parental controls to the VUDU, Netflix, and YouTube apps.

How can I access other types of apps from my TV?

If you'd like to watch content on other, non-integrated apps on your TV, you can: 

  • Use the apps on a smart TV, if you have one.

  • Use the apps on a streaming device, such as Roku.

  • Stream apps from your mobile device using Google Chromecast built-in, which is included with your Fiber TV.

How do I use mobile apps to watch Fiber TV content on my computer or mobile device?

To watch content available with your Fiber TV subscription on a computer or mobile device, you can do either of the following:

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