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Record what you're watching

You can instantly record any TV show you're currently watching.  

To start recording a show:

Press  on the remote control.

If you're recording a live airing, such as a sports event, you'll be asked if you want to add additional time to the recording, in case the airing runs longer than scheduled. Select an option and press ok on the remote.

Your DVR records the show as follows:

  • If your TV Box has been tuned to that channel since the beginning of the show, it records it from the beginning.

  • If you tuned in to that channel when the show was in progress, it records it from the time you tuned in.

To start recording a show and all episodes in a series:

  1. Press on the remote twice.

    The Record Options page appears.

  2. Select All Upcoming and press ok

  3. Select Create Recording and press ok.

  4. Optionally, on the Record Options page, change the recording options for the series—such as whether you want to record only new episodes, start the recordings before the show starts, and more.

To cancel the recording:

  1. Press again on the remote, while the show is being recorded.

    The Record Options page appears.

  2. If you're recording a series, select Just This or All Upcoming, depending on whether you want to cancel just the currently airing episode or the entire series recording. Press ok on the remote.

  3. Select Cancel Recording and press ok.

  4. In the confirmation message, select Cancel Recording, and press ok.

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