View your scheduled recordings

You can view a list of all the recordings you or other members of your household have scheduled. From this list, you can cancel a recording or change recording options.

To view a list of scheduled recordings:

  1. Press on the remote control, select DVR from the menu, and press ok.

  2. Select Scheduled at the top of the page and press ok.

    A list of your scheduled recordings appears, in chronological order.

On the Scheduled tab, you can:

  • Scroll the list: Use the the up/down/right/left arrow buttons or the page up/page down buttons on the remote. 

  • Display the shows scheduled to be recorded on a specific date: Select the date under Skip to, and press ok. Then choose a date.

  • Highlight a show on the list to view a brief description of the show, view its More Info pagecancel the recording, or set recording options.

Make sure you leave your storage device turned on: Recorded shows are recorded and saved on the storage device, not the TV Box. So as long as you leave the storage device powered on, your scheduled recordings will be recorded. It's not necessary to leave your TV Boxes on when you're not watching TV.

Icons used on the list of scheduled recordings
Scheduled single recording
Scheduled series, team, person, or keyword recording
Available to play now (recorded already or available the On Demand library)
Skipped show or episode within a scheduled series, team, person, or keyword recording. Most likely the show is a duplicate airing that Fiber TV has already recorded. Or, a skipped recording might indicate a recording conflict.
Recording conflict. Most likely, all eight TV tuners are in use for recording other shows and watching TV.
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