Schedule a single recording

You can record any single show, whether or not it's part of a series.

To record a single show:

  1. Press  on the remote control to view the  the on-screen guide.

  2. Select the show you want to record and press on the remote.

    The show's More Info page appears.

    You can also use Search to quickly find the show you want to record.
  3. Select Record and press ok. Or, press on the remote.

  4. If the show is part of a series, or if there are multiple airings of the same show, choose Just This.

  5. To override the default saving option for the recording, select the Keep Forever/Delete When Full toggle button.

  6. To change recording options, select Record Options and press ok on the remote.You can start the recording a few minutes before the show actually starts or end it a few minutes after the show's scheduled end time.

    Don't turn off the storage device: Fiber TV records and saves shows on this device. However, you can turn off your TV Box when you're not watching TV.

Another way to schedule a recording: 

  1. Browse to the show on the on-screen guide.
  2. With the show highlighted in the guide, press  on the remote.
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