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Take your entertainment on the go

With TV Everywhere, you can watch your favorite TV shows on network websites and mobile apps, even when you're not at home. This service is provided by many of the networks included in your Google Fiber TV subscription. See which packages are available for your area.

How to watch TV Everywhere

Each network provides their TV Everywhere content on their own website or mobile app. Use your Google Fiber account to log in to a network's website or mobile app:

  1. Click or tap the link for a network in the TV Everywhere network list below. On mobile devices, you might need to download the network's app before you can watch a show.

  2. Sign in to the website or app. Make sure you select Google Fiber as your service provider, and enter your Google Fiber username and password.

Auto-authentication available: If your device is connected to your home Fiber network, you don't have to sign in to many of the TV Everywhere websites and apps. In this case, you'll see a message that you've been automatically authenticated. Networks that currently don't support auto-authentication have an asterisk (*) in the list below. 

Frequently asked questions about TV Everywhere

Is there a fee to use TV Everywhere?

There's no additional charge to use TV Everywhere.

Is there a single app I can use to access all TV Everywhere content?

Each participating network provides their TV Everywhere content separately on their own website or mobile app.

How is TV Everywhere different than the Google Fiber TV app?

You can use the Google Fiber TV app for Android and iOS to watch some content on your mobile device only while connected to your home Fiber network. With TV Everywhere, you can access content even when you're away from home.

Is TV Everywhere content available in HD quality?

Each participating network has their own policies about which shows are available in HD. Check with the network's website for more information.

TV Everywhere network list

Here are the 70+ TV Everywhere networks currently available with your Google Fiber TV subscription.

Network Watch it
ABC Watch ABC  |
Availability varies; see notes below.
Adult Swim Adult Swim  |
A&E A&E TV  |
American Heroes Channel Discovery | American Heroes Channel  |
Animal Planet Discovery | Animal Planet  |
BBC America BBC America  |
Big Ten Network (BTN) BTN2Go  |
Bravo Bravo Now  |
Cartoon Network Cartoon Network  |
*Cinemax MAX GO  |
Requires subscription or Premium Package.
Cooking Channel Cooking Channel  |
Destination America Discovery | Destination America  |
Discovery Channel Discovery | Discovery Channel  |
Discovery Life Discovery | Discovery Life  |
Disney Channel Disney Channel  |
Disney Junior Disney Junior  |
Disney XD Disney XD  |
DIY Network DIY Network  |
E! E! Now  |
ESPN Watch ESPN  |
Esquire TV Now  |
Food Network Food Network  |
FOX News Channel
FOX Business Network
FOX News Go  |
FOX Sports FOX Sports GO  |
Freeform Freeform  |
FYI Network FYI Network  |
Golf Channel Golf Live Extra  |
Hallmark Channel Hallmark Channel Everywhere  |
*HBO HBO Go  |
Requires subscription to HBO or Premium Package.
History Channel History  |
ID Discovery | Investigation Discovery  |
Lifetime Lifetime Video  |
Longhorn Longhorn Network  | 
Availability varies; see notes below.
MoviePlex STARZ  |
Requires subscription to STARZ, the Premium Package, or the Movie Package.
msnbc msnbc Now  |
Mun2 Mun2 Now  |
National Geographic National Geographic  |
NBC News NBC News Everywhere  |
NBC Sports Sports Live Extra  |
NFL Network Watch NFL Network  |
NFL RedZone Watch NFL RedZone  |
Requires Sports Package.
Oxygen Oxygen Now  |
Science Discovery | Science  |
*Showtime Showtime Anytime  |
Requires subscription to Showtime or Premium Package.
Sprout Sprout Now  |
Requires subscription to STARZ or Premium Package.
SundanceTV SundanceTV  |
Syfy Syfy Now  |
Telemundo Telemundo Now  |
TLC Discovery | TLC  |
Travel Channel Travel Channel  |
TruTV TruTV  |
Univision Deportes Network WatchIt: Univision Deportes  |
USA USA Network  |
UVideos WatchIt: UVideos  |
Velocity Discovery | Velocity  |
VH1 VH1  |
WE tv WE tv  |


  • Longhorn Network: In locations where Longhorn Network is part of the Sports package, Longhorn Network is available only to customers who subscribe to the Sports package. In locations where Longhorn Network part of the standard TV plan, it's available to all TV subscribers.

  • Watch ABC: ABC does not provide live programming on Watch ABC in any Fiber markets at this time. However, ABC typically makes content available the day after it airs, and you can use your Google Fiber account to watch live content if you're traveling in one of the markets where Watch ABC provides that service. You can find out more about live stream viewing on the Watch ABC FAQ page. You can watch live programming on Watch ABC Family, though.

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