Resize the video image

If you see black borders at the top and bottom or along the sides of the image on your TV, you can remove them by resizing the image—that is, by changing its aspect ratio. This setting is temporary, and the image returns to the default setting when you change the channel or stop playing a show.

Other ways to adjust the video image: You can also set the aspect ratio for the proportions of your TV's screen (4:3 or 16:9). In addition, if the video image doesn't fit your screen correctly, you can adjust it using the User Interface Position & Size utility.

To change the aspect ratio for the current show:

  1. While watching any show, press on the remote control.

    The info bar appears at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Press  on the remote.

  3. Select Aspect Ratio and press ok.

  4. Select an option and press ok:

    • Source: Uses the aspect ratio from the video's source.

    • Stretch: Stretches the image to remove the black borders on the sides or top and bottom of the image. This option alters the aspect ratio of the original image in an attempt to make it fill the screen.

    • Zoom: Zooms the image in, which can remove black borders all around the image. This option preserves the aspect ratio of the original image in an attempt to make it fill the screen.


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