Use the on-screen guide

With the on-screen program guide, you can see what shows are playing now and up to 2 weeks ahead. You can also view past program listings to find shows to record when they air again or watch on demand. The guide makes it easy to browse channels to find shows to watch, record, or learn more about.

You can also use the on-screen guide in the Fiber mobile app for Android and iOS.

To view the on-screen guide:

  1. Press  on the remote control. 

    Or, press on the remote, select Guide from the menu, and press ok.

    The current show is selected. Information about the show, such as the episode, original air date, and a brief description, appears on the left. A blue line under the time bar and blue shading show your place in programming that's airing now.

    • If you created custom guides: The last guide viewed is the one that appears. 
    • If you see grayed-out channels: They're not part of your Fiber TV subscription, so you can't select them.
    • If you've blocked individual channels with parental controls: Those channels don't appear on the guide.
    • If you prefer a larger font for the guide: You can change the font size.
  2. Using the remote, browse the on-screen guide to find the show you want to watch.

  3. Select a show and press ok. If the show is airing now, the show plays; if not, you'll see its More Info page.

To view another guide:

  1. If you created one or more custom program guides, press  again.

    A list of your custom guides appears:

  2. Select a guide and press ok.

Browsing the on-screen guide

Use your remote to browse the guide.

Move around the guide:

Press the up/down/right/left arrow buttons to move the highlight.

Scroll the guide vertically

Press the channel up and channel down buttons . Scrolls one page at a time.

Scroll the guide horizontally

Press   and  . Scrolls one page at a time.

Jump 12 hours forward or backward

Press or  

Jump to a specific channel

Enter a channel number and press ok.

Jump a number of days

Enter a number and then press or  . For example, enter 3 and then press to jump 3 days ahead.

Return to the current time

Press to return to the current time.

See details about the highlighted show


Exit the guide


Record the highlighted show


Colors used in the on-screen guide

Program listings in the guide are color coded, as follows:

Gray: TV shows, such a series
Blue: Movies
Green: Sports events, such as a baseball game


Don't like the colors? You can customize the guide to remove the color coding.
Icons on the on-screen guide
Single recording that's scheduled or in progress
Series, teamperson, or keyword recording that's scheduled or in progress
The show is airing for the first time.
Available to play now (recorded already, available in the On Demand library, or available on VUDU)
The show has been watched. (Watched shows are deleted before unwatched shows, when space is needed for new recordings.)
Skipped recording. Most likely the show is a duplicate airing that Fiber TV has already recorded. Or, it can mean that a recording was skipped because of a recording conflict.
There is a recording conflict. Most likely, all eight TV tuners are in use for recording other shows and watching TV.
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