Connect devices to your network

This article applies to customers who have a Fiber Network Box as their router. If you have Google Wifi instead of a Network Box, you can use the Google Wifi app to manage your account.

The Network Box is the primary access point of your home network and provides four LAN ports to which you can connect up to four devices. Wiring your non-Fiber devices directly to the Network Box provides the fastest connection speeds.

You can also configure Wi-Fi on your Network Box, so you can connect wireless devices as well as wired devices. In addition, if you subscribe to Google Fiber TV, you can enable each TV Box as a wireless access point, providing a distributed wireless network and, potentially, additional LAN ports.

Add a wired device

To wire a device directly to your network, simply connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the device and the other end to any LAN port on the Network Box.

If you subscribe to Google Fiber TV and a TV Box is connected to the network via MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance - a special coaxial connector for high-definition multimedia), leaving the LAN port on the TV Box unused and available, you can also connect a device to that LAN port with an Ethernet cable. Connecting directly to the TV Box provides faster speeds than wireless connections; however, this connection can provide up to 100 Mbps (not gigabit speeds, which are achievable only by connecting directly to the Network Box).

Add a wireless device

To add a wireless device to your home network (that is, use your home Wi-Fi to access the Internet with a computer, smartphone, tablet, or wireless game console), you need to know your network password, which is available in your Fiber account.

Due to the large variety of wireless devices available, we're unable to provide instructions for how to connect them to your network. Please see the manufacturer's instructions supplied with the wireless device you want to connect.

To find your network password:

  1. Sign in to Fiber using the email and password you use for your Fiber account.

  2. Select Network from the navigation menu.

  3. At the right side of the pane, next to Wi-Fi password, select Show.

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