Configure your Wi-Fi network

To set up your wireless network, begin by signing in to your GFiber account and navigating to your router's device configuration.


Depending on your equipment, follow the instructions below:

Wi-Fi 6E Router, Wi-Fi 6 Router, Multi-Gig Router, or Network Box

  1. Sign in to your GFiber account using your email and password.
  2. Select Network at the top-left corner. (If you don’t see it, click the navigation menu to display the selection.).    
  3. Select Edit network.
    The Network section of the GFiber customer portal, with the "Edit network" button circled in red.

  4. If the Wi-Fi network is set to Off, switch it to On. The Wi-Fi network must be set to On to configure the Wi-Fi network.
    The "Wi-Fi network" section within the GFiber customer portal. There is an on/off toggle, and fields for the user to enter a network name and a primary network password.

    By default, when your Wi-Fi network is enabled it broadcasts its network name. Read more.
  5. Enter or change the Network name (also called the SSID) of your wireless network.
    The SSID is case-sensitive and must be 1 to 32 characters long.

  6. Enter or change the password in the Primary network password field. Read more about your network security and privacy.

  7. Click Save. The new settings should take effect immediately. If the updates don’t take effect, follow these instructions to reboot or restart your router or other devices.

After creating your private Wi-Fi network, you can connect other devices to it. If you change your network name or password, you’ll need to update that information on any previously connected devices.

Nest Wifi Pro

Please follow the instructions found in Set up your new Nest Wifi Pro.

Google Wifi

Please follow the instructions found in Set up Google Wifi.

Using your own router

Due to the large variety of wireless devices available, we're unable to provide instructions for how to connect them to your network. Please see the manufacturer's instructions supplied with the wireless device you want to connect. Click here for more information on using your own Wi-Fi router.

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