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Block individual channels (legacy)

You can restrict access to individual channels in the following ways:

  • Make a channel invisible in your custom guides.

  • Restrict access to a channel by requiring a lock code when parental controls are enabled.

You can combine these settings in various ways to achieve the restrictions you want on individual channels.

Restricting access to individual channels, either by making them invisible in on-screen or custom guides or by enabling parental controls, applies to all your Fiber TVs.

To block or restrict access to a channel:

Block access to a channel on legacy Fiber TV


  1. Press menu, and then select Apps & More > Settings > Parental Controls to display the Parental Controls screen.

  2. If Parental Controls are disabled, enable them.

  3. Navigate to select Modify next to Modify Parental Restrictions and press ok to display the Parental Controls screen. Enter the parental lock code if prompted.

  4. Navigate to Control Channels and press ok to display the Channel Restrictions screen.

  5. If you want to hide a particular channel in your guide and in search results, select its Visible column and press ok

    • When the value in a channel's Visible column is ON, the channel is available in your on-screen guides and can appear in search results.

    • When the value in a channel's Visible column is OFF, the channel is blocked from all on-screen guides and search results.

  6. If you want to restrict access to a particular channel using parental controls, select its column on the right and press ok.

Set channel restrictions on legacy Fiber TV

  • When you turn the parental control option on, if parental controls are enabled, a message prompts you for the parental lock code. When you enter the code and press ok, the open lock icon next to the selected content type changes to a closed lock icon. When anyone selects that type of content to watch, they will be required to enter the lock code. If the correct lock code is not entered, the show is unavailable to be watched.

  • When you turn the parental control option on, if parental controls are disabled, a message prompts you to enable parental controls. If you want to enable parental controls (with all of the current settings), enter a lock code and follow the procedure to enable parental controls. If you do not want to enable all of the parental controls, you cannot use this option.

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