User profiles on the Nexus 7

If you have a Nexus 7 tablet or other Android device, you can create up to eight user profiles, and you can restrict the access that those users have to features and content on your tablet. So if you want to limit the access of some family members on the Nexus 7, you can create a separate user profile for each person.

For example, you could create one user profile for yourself that is unrestricted, so you can access all of the apps on the tablet. You could create another profile for, say, your 14-year-old son that allows him to use the tablet to remotely control the Google Fiber TVs in your home and maybe access his own email account, but does not allow him to access any other apps on the tablet.

To create a new user profile on the Nexus 7, follow the steps under "Add a user" in Add, modify, or delete users in the Nexus help center. Then install the Google Fiber mobile app for that user, and sign in to the app with the Google Fiber account holder's sign-in credentials. For more information about restricting access for those users, see Restricted profiles.

Logging into the fiber app with the Google Fiber credentials grants access to the app only, not to that user's other accounts (such as their email).

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