Change your service plan

You can upgrade or downgrade to a different Google Fiber service plan of your choosing.

If you have multiple service plans available in your market, you can change your plan before or after Fiber is installed in your home.

Should you need to add additional TV Boxes, Phone or TV service to your existing appointment and can't do so within your Fiber account, you'll need to contact Google Fiber customer support to update your plan and scheduled appointment. 


To change your plan:

  1. Sign in to your Fiber account.

  2. Under Plan details section, select Manage Plan.

  3. Select Change plan.

  4. Select from the available plans listed, and select Continue.

  5. Follow the steps on screen and select Submit to finalize your plan change.


1 TB Google Drive storage removal

If you signed up for our Fiber 1000 or Fiber 1000 + TV plan, your additional 1 TB of Google Drive storage will be removed and your storage limits will be set back to the free levels. Everything you have in Google Drive, Google Photos and Gmail will still remain intact and be accessible, but you won't be able to create or add anything new over the free storage limit. See more info on Google Drive storage.

When do plan changes go into effect

All plan changes and channel add-ons will go into effect immediately except those that require installation. 
Plan changes requiring installation, such as adding a TV box and/or a Phone Box, or a swap, like a Mini Network Box for a Network Box, go into effect only once the installation is complete. You’ll receive a confirmation email once a change to your plan is submitted.

Billing information
  •  Any outstanding balance on your account will need to be paid in full before you make a change.
  • If no installation is required, the new price goes into effect on the day following the plan change. If installation is required, the price change will begin the day after installation.

    We’ll prorate all charges (except for streaming services) and/or refunds to the following month’s bill. All new charges are subject to applicable taxes and fees depending on the plan you choose. You can find more specific billing information on when you add or remove TV boxes or packages

TV plan change

If you’ve switched to a non-TV plan, remove a TV box or any other device, you must return your devices within 25 days from the date of the service change. When you choose a non-TV plan, all content on your DVR will be erased and won't be retrievable.
If you downgrade to Fiber 100 +TV or remove a TV package  that includes one or more channels from which you have recorded content, the content can no longer be watched when the TV package is removed. Although the content may still appear in your recorded shows, it cannot be watched.

Transfer your number out of Fiber Phone

If you plan to transfer your number to another provider and cancel Fiber Phone service, be sure to transfer your Fiber Phone number to your new provider first. Do not cancel your Fiber Phone service before confirming that your Fiber Phone number has been successfully transferred.

Streaming services

You need to activate HBO NOW streaming service once you add it to your plan. If you decide to remove HBO NOW, you won't be charged for the following months. Yet, HBO Now service will remain active until the end of the purchase cycle.
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