Bringing fiber to your home

In most areas, one of the last stages of construction is connecting a fiber drop to your home. We'll attach a small box called the Network Interface Unit (NIU) on an outside wall of your home. When this is done, we're ready to have fiber installed in your home. Check to see if your address is eligible for Google Fiber installation.

This article explains what you can expect during this stage of the process.

We install Google Fiber on the outside of your home

As we move along our planned route in your area, Google Fiber certified installers bring fiber cables from our existing network to the side of each home signed up for Google Fiber. We do not make appointments for this part of the installation.

When we arrive at your home, we will knock on your door or ring your doorbell to let you know we are working on your property. If you are not at home, we will still install the fiber drop.

The fiber drop consists of a fiber cable that connects the fiber cables from our existing network to the NIU.

Dimensions of the standard NIU:

  • For single-family homes - 6.3" H x 7.8" W x 2.0" D
  • For multi-family dwellings - 7" H x 7.5" W x 2" D

We attach the NIU to the side of your house, typically next to your existing utilities. If there are utility poles where you live, we usually follow the existing electrical drop path and bring fiber from the pole to the NIU. If existing utilities are underground on your property, we usually bury the fiber cable underground by digging a trench through your yard from our existing network to the NIU.

To see what to expect during this stage of Fiber construction, have a look at the construction video on our YouTube channel.

We contact you to schedule an in-home installation

In some cases, we'll attach the NIU to the side of your home on the same day as your in-home installation. However, in most cases, we'll wait until after the NIU attached before we notify you that you're ready to be installed with Google Fiber.

You might have a fiber drop and NIU quite a while before we contact you to schedule your in-home installation. No need to worry. We will contact you and ask you to schedule your installation appointment (or order a self-installation kit, if you're eligible) as soon as we are ready to do the inside installation.

Learn more about preparing for your in-home installation.

Google Fiber is installed inside your home

If you're eligible for self-installation, you can install Google Fiber yourself using these instructions.

If you're having a professional installation, your Installation Specialist will give you a call about 15 minutes prior to your appointment start time. The Installation Specialist will install a Fiber Jack inside your home that connects to our fiber lines from outside of your home. Then the Installation Specialist will install any other devices that come with your Google Fiber service plan, show you how to use them, and make sure everything is working smoothly.

As soon as your in-home installation is complete, you can start enjoying Google Fiber!

In some cities, to efficiently bring you Fiber faster, we may install the NIU before we're ready to complete installation.

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