Watch parentally controlled shows (legacy)

This article applies to customers who have the legacy version of Fiber TV. If you have the new version of our user interface, please view this article on how to watch parentally controlled shows.

The parental controls feature allows you to restrict the shows your children or others in your home can watch based on warnings and ratings. Regardless of which TV you use to set up and manage parental controls, they apply to all TVs and mobile devices on your network.

When the parental control feature is enabled on your Google Fiber TV system, you must enter the lock/unlock code to watch shows with restricted content.

When you "unlock" a show with restricted content, the unlock applies to that show on that TV or mobile device only. The next time someone selects a show with restricted content on that TV or any other TV or mobile device on your network, that person must enter the lock code.

To watch a show with restricted content:

  1. Select the show you want to watch.

    A message prompts you for the parental lock code.

    legacy Fiber TV watch restricted content

  2. Enter the parental lock code on the remote control, and then press ok.

    • If you enter the correct lock code, the show begins to play immediately.

    • If you enter an incorrect code, a message informs you that the code was incorrect. Press ok, and you return to the previous screen.

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