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About your Fiber Jack

When your Google Fiber system is installed, the Installation Specialist uses a wall plate to cover the hole drilled to bring the fiber cable into your home. The small box attached to the wall plate is called a Fiber Jack. The Fiber Jack (GFLT100 or GFLT110) is an Optical Network Terminal (ONT).

The fiber cable from outside your home attaches to a special port on one side of the Fiber Jack.

The GFLT100 also has a power cable that plugs into a standard electrical outlet. There is no power cable on the GFLT110. The GFLT110 gets its power from the Network Box.

The LED on the front of the Fiber Jack indicates its status. If the LED does not display solid blue after about two minutes connected to power, contact Google Fiber customer support.

Google Fiber uses open source components (some of which are licensed under GPL). You can find our repository of open source code at

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