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Schedule your installation

When you are eligible to schedule your installation, you will receive an email at the address you use for Google Fiber indicating that you can sign into Fiber to:

  • View available installation times.

  • Notify you when installation appointments become available on the schedule. During peak installation periods, all appointments in the current schedule might be filled. If you are unable to schedule an appointment in the current schedule, you can delay making an appointment until a later time, and we will contact you by email as soon as additional appointment dates become available.

  • Schedule your appointment at a time that works for you. If you're not sure about your schedule and prefer to delay making an appointment until a later time, we will notify you when appointments become available.

  • Add a reminder to your online calendar for the appointment you select (optional).

  • View or change your appointment day/time up to 53 hours in advance of your appointment. (Odd number... we know.) To change an appointment within 53 hours of the scheduled time, contact Google Fiber customer support.)

All available appointments are listed in Fiber. (These are the same appointments our customer support agents see when they make the appointment for you.) You can either schedule the appointment yourself or call us to schedule it for you.

If you're scheduling installation of Fiber Phone, and you have a number transfer in process, have a look at these guidelines to help you select an optimal installation date to ensure that your phone service is not interrupted.

To schedule your appointment online:

  1. Sign in to Fiber using the email and password you use for your Fiber account. Your Account page is displayed.

  2. Click Schedule.

    The Schedule screen displays the next several days of appointments as blocks of time.

    The Installation Specialist will arrive at your home at the start time displayed and will try to complete all installations within the time allotted. (The length of your appointment will be confirmed at the end of this process.)

    Only available appointments are displayed. The next available appointment is selected by default, but you can click any appointment you want to select it.

  3. Click one of the available appointments, or click > to see more options.

  4. If you prefer a date later than the last available date displayed, or if no appointments are available in the current schedule, click Schedule Later when it appears on the screen, click OK, I will schedule later, and skip the rest of this procedure.

    After you select an appointment time, the Additional Details screen appears.

  5. Answer any questions that appear on this screen, and then click Book Appointment.

    Your Fiber account screen with your appointment date and time is displayed for your reference.

  6. If you want to add the appointment to your online calendar (optional), click Add to Calendar.

    A message from your default calendar prompts you to confirm that you want to add the appointment. The steps for this action vary, depending on which calendar application you use.

  7. Follow the instructions on screen to add the appointment to your calendar.

To change your installation appointment, see Change an appointment.

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