Create a keyword recording (legacy)

This article applies to customers who have the legacy version of Fiber TV. If you have the new version of our user interface, please view this article on how to create a keyword recording.

A keyword recording automatically records shows that match certain criteria that you specify, such as a show's title, a person, a sports team, or a word that appears in the show's description. For example, if you want to record all of your favorite sports team's games, you can perform a keyword search for the name of the team and set up a keyword recording with the results.

You can also set up more complex but very effective recordings based on a keyword. For example, if you want to record all shows related to sailing, you can perform a keyword search for for the word "sailing".

Google Fiber TV makes every attempt not to record duplicates of the same show or to re-record shows that you have already watched completely. However, sometimes it might record a duplicate, because it does not always receive information that allows it determine accurately that two shows with the exact same information are, in fact, the same show.

For example, the programming information for the 6:00 news is always exactly the same, but every night the news is different. So, if Google Fiber TV cannot determine for sure that two shows are exactly the same, it records both to ensure that you do not miss anything new.

To create a keyword recording:

  1. Press on the remote control, and select DVR from the menu.

  2. On the DVR menu at the bottom of the screen, select Manage, and then select Recording Manager.

    The Recording Manager appears.

    Create keyword recording legacy Fiber TV

    This screen displays a list of all of the scheduled recordings.

  3. Select Create Keyword Recording.

    The New Keyword Recording screen appears.

    create new keyword recording on Fiber TV

  4. Using the on-screen keyboard, enter the keyword you want to search for.

    enter keyword recorded shows on Fiber TV

    Unlike the general search feature, the keyword search is not limited to the content in the current on-screen guide, which usually only includes shows that will air over the next two weeks. It is persistent. That means that if you set up a keyword recording, even if no shows meet the search criteria right now, it will continue to search for shows in the future that meet the search criteria and will schedule them to record as soon as they become available.

  5. Select one of the options on the right.

    • If you select Descriptions & Titles, it will search for the keyword in all of the programming information (such as title, actors, directors, descriptions, and so on).

    • If you select Titles Only, it will search for the keyword in program titles only.

  6. Press ok on the remote.

    The recording options appear, along with a list of all shows that match the keyword search.

    manage keyword recorded shows on Fiber TV

  7. Set the recording options you want for the listed shows.

  8. Press exit to return to return to regular programming.

    The keyword recording is automatically saved.

Recorded shows are actually recorded and saved on the storage device, not the TV Box. So as long as you leave the storage device powered on, your scheduled recordings will be recorded. It is not necessary to leave your TV Boxes on when you are not watching TV.

To watch a keyword recording:

Keyword recordings appear in your list of recordings on your DVR, along with the rest of the recorded shows. appears next to keyword recordings to distinguish them from the other types of recordings. 

If you no longer want to record a show, you can cancel a scheduled recording.
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