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Use the on-screen guide (legacy)

This article applies to customers who have the legacy version of Fiber TV. If you have the new version of our user interface, please view this article on how to use the on-screen program guides.

When you press  on the remote control or when you select Guide from the menu bar, the on-screen program guide appears. Whatever is currently playing squeezes back to a thumbnail image (top right) and continues playing. The name of the program, the current time, day, date, and how much time is left to play appears to the right of the thumbnail. In addition, if you have the weather icon enabled, the weather appears to the far right.

If you have created custom guides, the last guide viewed is the one that appears. You can press  on the remote control to display another guide, press it again to display another, and so on. The guides appear in the order they are listed on the Customize your own Guides screen.

If you have blocked any individual channels, those channels do not appear on any guide.

The first column lists the channels and networks in numerical order. (Unsubscribed channels are grayed out; you cannot select them.)

The next column displays the date at the top and some information about the selected show, highlighted in blue

The next column lists programs playing now. The blue vertical line marks the current time. To the right of that column are the shows that begin over the next two weeks.

On the on-screen guide, you can use the following buttons on the remote control:

  • Press the arrow buttons to move the highlight up, down, left, or right. When the show you want to watch is highlighted, press ok.

    • If the show is airing now, pressing ok changes the channel and plays that show.

    • If the show aired in the past or is scheduled for the future, pressing ok displays the Detailed Info screen for the show.

    • If the show is available to watch now (recorded already, available on demand, or available from VUDU),  appears next to its title.

      Google Fiber TV legacy watch now feature

      Select it, and press ok on the remote control to display the show's Detailed Info screen. Then you can select Play Now to play the show.

  • Press the channel up and down buttons to scroll the guide vertically a page at a time.

  • Press the  and  buttons to scroll the guide horizontally a page at a time.

  • Press or  to jump 12 hours forward or backward in the schedule.

  • Enter a channel number and press ok to jump to that channel.

  • Enter a number and then press or  to jump that many days forward or backward in the schedule. For example, enter 3 and then press to jump three days ahead.

  • Press to return to the current time.

  • Press to display more detailed information about the highlighted show.

  • Press exit to dismiss the on-screen guide and return the currently playing show to full-screen.

  • Press  to record the highlighted show.

See more details about the Bluetooth remote control.

Icons used in the on-screen guide

The following icons are used to provide information about the shows listed in the on-screen guide:

Icon Meaning
Scheduled single recording
Scheduled Smart Recording
Smart Recording
Available to play now
The show has been watched. (Watched shows are deleted before unwatched shows, when space is needed for new recordings.)

You can also navigate and use the on-screen guide with the Fiber mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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