Install a Storage Box

This help article describes how to replace a defective Storage Box.

When you replace a Storage Box, any recordings on the old Storage Box are lost.

Before you begin this procedure, follow the RMA process to obtain a new Storage Box from Google Fiber.

Do not begin this procedure until you have a replacement Storage Box in your possession. Be sure to contact Google Fiber customer support to activate the new device before you begin.

To remove the old Storage Box:

  1. Disconnect the old Storage Box's power cable from the wall outlet.

  2. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the old Storage Box, but leave its other end connected to the Network Box.

  3. Disconnect the coaxial cable from the old Storage Box, but leave it connected to the wall outlet.

To install the new Storage Box:

  1. Connect the Ethernet cable to the new Storage Box.

  2. Connect the coaxial cable to the new Storage Box.

  3. Connect the new Storage Box's power cable to it and to an electrical outlet.

  4. As soon as you connect it to power, the Storage Box starts to power on.

Be sure to place your Storage Box horizontally on a flat, dry, cool (or room temperature) surface. Do not store it vertically or on any other device that generates heat.

To test the Storage Box:

Check the LED on the Storage Box. When it is properly connected, it lights up solid blue. If the LED does not light up solid blue within two minutes, contact Google Fiber customer support.

When the LED on the Storage Box is solid blue, powercycle each of your TV Boxes. To powercycle a TV Box, unplug its power cord, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back in.

Be sure to return the old Storage Box to Google Fiber in the packaging provided.

It is normal for the Storage Box to take up to 20 minutes to reload its data after it is powered off. We are working to reduce this time, but in the meantime, the message “Detected Storage Box and loading data from it” appears on your TV screen during the reloading process.

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