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Watch live TV (legacy)

This article applies to customers who have the legacy version of Fiber TV. If you have the new version of our user interface, please view this article on how to watch live TV.

When you turn on your TV and TV Box, it starts playing whatever show is currently on the last channel watched. Press  or ok on your remote control to display information about the current show.

watch live legacy Google Fiber TV

The info bar appears at the bottom of the screen by default whenever a new show begins on the current channel. If you do not want it to appear by default, you can turn it off by customizing the setting.

You can use any of the following methods to change the channel:

  • Use the Google Fiber app on your mobile device according to the instructions.

  • Press on the remote control.

  • Enter the desired channel number on the remote control, and press ok. Information about what is on that channel now appears at the bottom of the screen. Press ok to go to that channel. If you do not press ok, the info display disappears after a few seconds.

  • Press prev on the remote control to display a list of the last few channels watched. Press the arrow buttons to navigate through the list. To watch one of the channels listed, highlight it and press ok.

  • Press guide on the remote control to display the on-screen program guide, and then select the content you want to watch.

Fiber provides eight separate TV streams, which you can use to record eight shows at once or combined to record and watch eight separate shows. If you try to change the channel when all eight streams are in use, a message prompts you to resolve the conflict. You can opt to change the channel and not record one of the scheduled recordings, or you can select Don't do anything, in which case you cannot change the channel. You can, however, watch any of the shows that are currently being recorded without using an additional stream.

When you are watching live TV, you can find the next few shows and the last few shows to be aired on the current channel.

When live TV is playing, the show is always being recorded. So you can use the DVR functionality—pause, rewind—even when you are watching live TV. If you decide you want to record the show, you can press  on the remote control. The recording starts from the time you started watching the show, not from when you pressed .

The recordings that you do not explicitly schedule do not appear on the Current Recordings screen. However, if you search for content, the search results might include some shows that were recorded while the TV Box was powered on, even if you did not explicitly record them.

To avoid recording shows that you are not interested in, turn off your TV Box whenever you are not actively using it.

You can set certain temporary display options while watching TV, such as turning subtitles on.

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