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Resolve recording conflicts (legacy)

If you try to schedule a recording that will cause a recording conflict, a message prompts you to resolve the conflict. You can select one of the recording options presented, or you can select Don't do anything, in which case your selection will not be recorded.

Sometimes a recording conflict occurs because of recordings that are scheduled in advance, such as Smart Recordings. The conflict might not be evident when you set up the recording, but it could occur because something changes; for example, if there are network schedule changes.

When this occurs, you can resolve the conflict using the DVR Manager.

To resolve recording conflicts:

  1. Press on the remote control, and select DVR from the menu.

  2. On the DVR menu at the bottom of the screen, select Manage.

    The DVR Manage screen appears.

    Manage DVR storage on legacy Fiber TV

  3. Check the number in the Recording Conflicts box.

    If the number is 0, there are no recording conflicts to resolve.

  4. If the the Recording Conflicts box says 1 or more conflicts are unconfirmed, select Recording Conflicts.

    A list of recording conflicts appears. A green check mark appears next to each confirmed conflict, and a red alert icon appears next to each unconfirmed conflict. A summary appears on the left.

    View DVR recordings conflicts on legacy Fiber TV

  5. Select one of the scheduled shows on the list, and press ok.

    The Recording Conflicts screen displays the conflicting shows in the lower half of the screen and conflict resolution options at the top.

    Recordings conflict screen display on Fiber TV

    You can press the down arrow on the remote to move the highlight down through the options to the list of recording conflicts and scroll through that list in the same way.

    Resolution option Result
    IGNORE this conflict The selected show will not be recorded, and this conflict is marked as confirmed.
    ALWAYS IGNORE conflicts between these recordings The selected show will not be recorded whenever it has a conflict (now or in the future), and all future conflicts between these recordings will be marked as confirmed.
    CANCEL recording of show at time on channel network Cancels the selected recording, which resolves the conflict.
    FORCE recording of show at time on channel network The selected show will be recorded, but other conflicts might appear on the list as a result.
    Alter priorities of recordings involved in this conflict Displays a list of recordings involved in the conflict and allows you to move them up or down on the list to reset their recording priorities.
  6. Select the option you prefer for the selected show, and press ok.

    You return to an updated list of recording conflicts.

    Select recording conflict on DVR legacy Fiber TV

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each conflict with a red alert icon until all recording conflicts are resolved.

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