About your Nest Wifi Pro

Learn more about your Nest Wifi Pro router and how it works.

Nest Wifi Pro with Wi-Fi 6E

Nest Wifi Pro is a mesh Wi-Fi system that replaces the traditional router and brings you fast internet, less congested channels, and the ability for more of your devices to operate at higher speeds.

The Nest Wifi Pro connects to the Fiber Jack to provide internet to your home.

Depending on availability, you may receive a self-install kit or schedule a professional installation to set it up. You can purchase up to four Nest Wifi Pro points for your mesh network (two are included in your plan).

Feature Benefit
Coverage Each router provides up to 2,200 square feet of fast, reliable Wi-Fi.
Wi-Fi 6E Delivers fast and reliable speeds.
Self-monitoring & diagnosing Monitors itself, diagnoses network issues, and can even fix some common issues on its own.
Smarter network Automatically manages network performance and activity to prioritize things like video calls.
Secure boot & software updates Secure booting and software updates help protect Nest Wifi Pro from running unauthorized software and router hacks.
Parental controls Block access to certain websites and set Wi-Fi schedules and internet time-outs at no additional cost.
Built with Thread Extends the strength, coverage area, and capability of your network.

Mesh Network

Mesh Wi-Fi technology means that all of your Wi-Fi 6E routers to work together to make sure that your devices stay on the channel with the most bandwidth. This provides a larger coverage area for your Wi-Fi and decreases the likelihood of dead spots. You can connect up to four Nest Wifi Pro points on the mesh network.

Please note that the Nest Wifi Pro can't be combined with Wi-Fi 5 routers such as Nest Wifi or Google Wifi in a mesh network.

Setup and Troubleshooting

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