Block spam calls

You can block calls from suspected spam numbers on Fi.

  1. On your phone, open Google Fi Fi.
  2. In the “Account” tab, tap Privacy & security.
  3. Turn on Block spam calls.

View a tutorial on how to filter spam calls on your Android.

Suspected spam calls won't ring in Hangouts or go to your call forwarding numbers.

When you use the Google Phone app on Android, spam calls won't ring on your phone. You won't see missed calls or voicemail notifications. On the Google phone app, all blocked calls will show up in your call history. You can listen to any blocked voicemails when you check your voicemail on the phone app.

When you turn this setting on or off in the Fi app, it will also turn the same setting on or off in the Phone app. 

When you get a phone call, Google Fi also automatically checks if the call is from a fake number.  A fake number may happen when a scammer makes an incoming call that seems like it is coming  from a number similar to yours or in your area code. If you get a call that says “Verified user Google Fi verified” above the incoming phone number, Fi has verified the call and confirmed that it is not a fake number. 

Fi verifies calls using STIR/SHAKEN technology to identify spam. When you get a call, the caller's phone carrier lets Google Fi know that the call is coming from a real number. Google Fi then verifies that what the carrier says is true. 

In order for numbers to be verified, both parties must be on a carrier network that uses STIR/SHAKEN, so calls that are not verified may still be valid.

If you think Fi blocked a call in error, contact support for more info.

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