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Project Fi Mobile Broadband Consumer Disclosure

Price/commercial terms


Monthly Data Allowance 1 to 10 GB
Monthly Plan Charge
(May not/does not include device)

$20 Fi Basics
$15 Fi Basics per additional user 
$10 per GB ($10 to $100)

When you exceed data allowance $10 per additional GB
When you don’t meet data allowance $10 credit toward next bill per unused GB
Other Included Services/Features Unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited international texts, ability to use phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and coverage in 120+ countries


Learn more about price/commercial terms with Project Fi Plan Information and Frequently Asked Questions.

Other charges & terms 

Other monthly fees

- Federal Universal Service Fund

- Federal Regulatory Assessment Fee

- Government taxes and fees, and other provider surcharges may also apply

- Learn more about Project Fi Subscription Information

One-time fees None
Service contract term None
Early termination fee None
Bring your own device

- No. Compatible phones support network of networks and Project Fi SIM card. Learn more about compatible devices.

- Data-only SIM cards available for compatible unlocked GSM devices. Learn more about data-only SIM cards.


Learn more about other charges & terms with Project Fi Terms of Service.


  2G 3G 4G
Typical Download Speed 40-200 Kbps 400 Kbps-1.4 Mbps 2-20 Mbps
Typical Upload Speed 20-80 Kbps 100-500 Kbps 500 Kbps-5 Mbps
Typical Latency 400-900 ms 100-450 ms 35-180 ms


Learn more about performance with Project Fi Coverage Map.

Individual experience may vary; see performance details for our carrier partners: SprintT-Mobile, and US Cellular.

Network Management

Application-specific network management practices? No.
Subscriber-triggered network management practices? Yes. Project Fi engages in reasonable network management policies to protect its network, systems, equipment, services and users from harm, ensure reliable, quality services to its users, and improve its services.


Learn more about Network Management with Project Fi Network Policy; see network policies for our carrier partners: SprintT-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular.


Privacy policy for broadband services described in Project Fi Privacy Notice and Google Privacy Policy.


Complaints and inquiries may be addressed in the Project Fi Help Center or you can reach us by requesting a call, chat, email, or calling 1-844-TALK-2-FI.

You can also view the FCC Consumer Help Center or reach them at 1-888-225-5322.

Learn more about this disclosure with the FCC Open Internet site.

NOTE: Service may not be available to all locations.

Manufacturer and Developer Inquiries

Manufacturers who want to develop products for use with Project Fi are encouraged to call us at 1-844-TALK-2-FI. For more information, see Project Fi's device management policy.

Project Fi generally accepts all applications that have been certified by Google Play. Visit the Google Play developer console for more information.

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