Understand your Fi credits

If you receive a credit, you’ll see it in the “Last month’s usage” section of your next billing statement. You can also see your credits status in the Billing tab under Fi credit balance. Your Fi credits will apply to the charges on your next bill based on the type of credit:

  Data, talk, and text Device protection Device financing
Trade-in credit Yes Yes Yes
Promotion credit Yes Yes No
Referral credit Yes Yes No
Courtesy credit Yes Yes Yes


When you receive a credit greater than your charges, your remaining credit will carry over and apply to next month's charges until it runs out.

If you're in a group plan, you can share trade-in and promotion credits with your other group members.

To turn credit sharing on or off:

  1. Open https://fi.google.com/account .
  2. Go to Billing.
  3. Under Payment Settings, select Credit sharing.
Note: If your service is paused on the billing date or for more than 7 days in a billing cycle, you will not be eligible to share credits for that billing period.
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