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How you’re charged for data

With Project Fi, you’re charged a rate of $10 per GB for cellular data, no matter how little or how much data you use. As a part of your service plan, you prepay for a certain amount of data every month (your data budget), but you pay the same rate even if you go over that amount. If you don’t use the entire amount, you’re credited for what you don’t use.

You’re charged per megabyte

For example, if you set your data budget at 2GB and you use 2.15GB, you’ll just pay an extra $1.50. We calculate the charge per MB; we don’t round up to the next GB. By the same token, if you set your data budget at 2GB and only use 1.85GB, we’ll credit you $1.50. 

Learn how to check your current data usage.

Using data in other countries

You can use your phone for data in over 120 supported countries outside the U.S. You’re charged the same rate of $10 per GB. 

Keep in mind that your international data usage is charged separately from your data usage in the U.S., so it doesn’t come out of your monthly data budget. You’ll see your international data usage as a separate charge in your billing statement. 

Where to find your data charges on your billing statement

  • Your monthly data budget: You’ll see the charge for this in "Next month’s charges."
  • Additional data charges: You’ll see your charges for your domestic data usage over your monthly data budget in “Last month’s usage.”
  • International data charges: You’ll see charges for international data usage in “Last month’s usage.” This is listed separately from your additional domestic data usage.
  • Credits for unused data: You’ll see any credits for part of your data budget that you didn’t use in “Last month’s usage.” 

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