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Bill is higher than usual

If your billing statement shows a total amount that’s higher than you expected, it’s generally due to the following reasons:

You used more data than your monthly data budget
For example, if you pay for 2GB/month but used 2.5GB in the last billing cycle, you’ll see a charge of $5 in the “Last month’s usage” section of your statement.
You made international calls from the U.S.
Unlike the calls you make to people in the U.S., which are covered by your Fi basics plan, calls to countries outside the U.S. are charged separately per minute. You’ll find your international long distance charges under “Last month’s charges” in your statement. Learn more about calling and texting other countries from the U.S.
You used your phone outside the U.S. for calls or data
If you recently traveled to another country and used your phone, you’ll see charges for international roaming under “Last month’s usage” in your statement. Learn more about using your phone outside the U.S.
You increased your monthly data budget
If, for example, you decided to increase your monthly data budget from 2GB to 3GB, you’ll see a charge of $30 instead of $20 for data under “Next month’s charges.”

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