Bill is higher than usual

If your billing statement shows a total amount that’s higher than you expected, it’s generally due to the following reasons:

Switched to Unlimited plan

After you switch plans, your bill may be higher when you switch from Flexible to Unlimited due to the way pre-pay and post-pay work for each plan.

On the Unlimited plan, when your plan switch takes place, you will start to pre-pay a monthly fee for unlimited calls, texts, and data, based on the number of people in your plan.

In the Flexible plan, you also post-pay data usage (data is free after 6 GB with Bill Protection), international usage, returning to full speed data, and prorated costs for new members, that occurred during the previous month on the Flexible plan.

These payments may cause your billing amount to be different than an average bill on the month your plan switch takes place.

Added new group members

When you add a member to your Flexible or Unlimited group plan, your monthly bill is prorated to reflect this change.

For example: If you add a member to your Flexible plan on June 15th and your billing cycle ends on June 20th, your bill will be prorated to reflect the 5 days that the new member was on your plan during that billing cycle.

Made international calls from the U.S.

In the Flexible plan:

In the Unlimited plan:

  • International calls from the U.S. are covered to 50+ countries and territories. Check rates for other covered countries & territories.
You used your phone outside the U.S. for calls
If you recently traveled to another country and used your phone, you’ll see charges for international calls under “Additional Charges & Credits” in your statement. Learn how to use your phone outside the U.S.

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