Bill is higher than usual

If your billing statement shows a total amount that’s higher than you expected, it’s generally due to the following reasons:

Your first bill may be higher after you switch

When you switch from the Flexible plan to the Simply Unlimited or Unlimited Plus plan, your first bill may be higher than you're used to.

Your bill includes: 

  • Prepaying owner and members’ unlimited plan monthly charge for the next bill cycle.
  • Postpaying owner and members’ data use from the Flexible plan, at $10 per GB from the previous bill cycle per month.
  • Postpaying any extra services you used in the previous bill cycle. Possible extra services include international calls, return to full speed data, and prorated costs for new members.

For example:

You just switched from the Flexible plan to an individual Simply Unlimited plan. In your last month, you used $20 of data on your Flexible plan. Your next bill includes: 

  • $20 for data on your Flexible plan that you postpay. 
  • $50 for your Simply Unlimited plan, which you prepay.

Added new group members

When you add a member to your group plan, your monthly bill is prorated to reflect this change.

For example: If you add a member to your Flexible plan on June 15th and your billing cycle ends on June 20th, your bill will be prorated to reflect the 5 days that the new member was on your plan during that billing cycle.

Find your extra charges

If you made international calls from the US (free with the Unlimited Plus plan to over 50 countries or regions) or used your phone outside the US, you can find your upcoming charges. These charges appear in your next billing statement.

Here's how to find your upcoming charges:

  1. Open the Google Fi app Fi or the Google Fi website.
  2. In the "Home" tab, select Overview and then Extras this cycle so far.

International charges could take up to 60 days to appear, so the details you find may not be up to date.

Find service credits or prorated charges

To find out if you have any service credits or prorated charges, follow the steps above. You find service credits or prorated charges under "Extras this cycle so far."

Made international calls from the US

In all plans, free calls between the US, Canada and Mexico are included.

In the Unlimited Plus plan, calls to over 50 countries and territories are covered. Calls to other destinations are charged separately per minute. Check rates for other covered destinations.

In your billing statement, you can find your international long distance charges under “Additional Charges & Credits.” Learn how to call and text other countries from the US.

You used your phone outside the US for calls
If you recently traveled to another country and used your phone, you find charges for international calls under “Additional Charges & Credits” in your statement. Learn how to use your phone outside the US.
Subscribed to Pixel Pass

Your Google Fi bill will include both your Google Fi plan and Pixel Pass subscription. Your bill will break down your different charges between Google Fi and Pixel Pass.

Your bill will include a section about billing for Pixel Pass. In this section, you will get line items for:

  • Your device
  • Any bundled products, like Play Pass, YouTube Premium, or Google One
  • Device protection

You may also find a line item for additional charges for a Google One membership higher than 200 GB.

If you had subscriptions to Play Pass, YouTube Premium, or Google One before subscribing to Pixel Pass:

  • You will no longer get bills for these services.
  • These will be included in your Pixel Pass bill.

Billing Cycle

If you already have a Google Fi plan and subscribe to Pixel Pass:

  • You will keep your current Google Fi billing cycle.
  • Your Pixel Pass subscription charges begin when your Pixel phone ships.
  • Your Pixel Pass subscription will be prorated if you start it in the middle of a billing cycle.

If you are new to Google Fi and subscribe to Pixel Pass:

  • Your Google Fi billing cycle begins when you activate your Pixel phone.
  • Your Pixel Pass subscription charges begin when your Pixel phone ships.

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