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Change your data budget

All Project Fi accounts come with the Fi basics for talk & text service. All you have to do is set your data budget. 

With Project Fi, you’re charged $10 per GB for data. If you use more data than your budget, you'll be charged for the exact difference–at the exact same rate. If you use less, you'll get credited for what you don't use. 

You'll always pay for what you use, so changing your data budget is like setting a goal. We'll send you alerts as you get close to your budget.

When changes take effect

When you switch your data budget, any changes will take effect at the start of your next billing cycle. This means on your next billing statement, you will see your new data budget reflected in "Next month's charges." There will be no change for your current billing cycle—your notifications and usage graphs will be based on what you already prepaid for.

Change your data budget

You can change your data budget on the Project Fi app or website. 

Project Fi app
  1. On your phone, open the Project Fi app Project Fi.
  2. In the "Account" tab, tap Manage plan.
  3. Tap Data.
  4. Choose your new monthly data amount.
  5. Tap Save.
Project Fi website
  1. Open the Project Fi website.
  2. In the "Account" tab, under "Your plan," click Manage plan.
  3. Next to the cost of your data, click Edit data plan.
  4. Choose your new monthly data amount.
  5. Click Save.

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